Commercial architecture in a new understanding

Atypical commercial spaces are a different interface for your business

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Commercial architecture in a new understanding

Atypical commercial spaces are a different interface for your business

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why LH47

Functionality Aesthetics

In LH47 ARCH, commercial premises are considered as non-standard facilities that can position your business as an outstanding element of modernity. We rely on a combination of functionality and aesthetics. We think over every element - from lighting and zoning to the construction of partitions - so that every detail follows a practical function and contributes to creating an attractive atmosphere.

Individuality means recognition

A retail space is not just a backdrop for your business, it is a factor contributing to the achievement of your business goals. That is why, in a crowded retail market, it is very important to stand out. We pay special attention to individuality and make sure that every project we work on becomes a space that reflects your corporate identity. This approach is a guarantee that your retail space will become a symbol of uniqueness.

The details matter

Every detail - from pedestrian traffic to the placement of advertising storefronts - is carefully thought out to maximize customer engagement. Thanks to our attention to these nuances, the premises we design become bright, attracting attention and contributing to sales growth.

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our projects



Moldova, Chisinau, Giocheilor street

Project type

public building

550 m2.

550 m2.


under construction

The architect's task was to frame a new restaurant in the existing building of the "Holiday Home".

The neoclassical architectural style arose from the facades of the existing building and the requirements of the beneficiary.

Together with technology and specialist designers, it was possible to combine the necessary functions and norms with the architectural aspect being pursued.

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about us

LH47 improves the quality and functionality of the designed facilities in Moldova and Romania so that every square meter is well thought out.
We create architecture and interior design tailored to the needs of cities and communities around the world.

“The mission of our team is to change the world through conceptual architecture, high-quality design, using non-standard solutions. We apply our experience and knowledge in order to create something unique for you”

Sergey Myrza, CEO
year of the company's foundation
500 000+
square meters designed
projects implemented
employees in the state

Designing and building functional and aesthetic business facilities is what we are really good at

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